Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) is set to shut down the water supply to Nairobi and parts of Kiambu and Machakos County for two days from 6th for the maintenance of the Mataara-Ngethu raw water pipeline. NCWSC loses 10.45 per cent of its water through leakages and now targets to reach a low of 5.59 per cent through repair of leaking pipes. The company will thereafter put in place a more stringent water rationing timetable if the rains do not fall in the next few days.


According to reports NCWSC Managing Director Philip Gichuki attributes the situation to the drying up of the rivers feeding the dam as result of the current dry spell. He indicated that the dam levels are below 25 percent, which is a record breaking low. He however expressed optimism with the onset of rains, the situation will go back to normal.

Ndakaini dam was set up in 1988 so as to supply water to the growing Nairobi City. The dam boosts a capacity of close to 70 million cubic meters of water. The dam is owned by Athi Water Services Board and operated by NCWSC.  The dam has a storage capacity of 70,000,000m3 at full storage level of 2,041 meters above sea level and a depth average of 65m. The dam Produces 430,000 m3/day of water that covers 84% of total supply of water to Nairobi residents.

The Dam’s catchment area measures 75 square Kilometer. It consists of Kimakia and Gatare Natural forest which are part of the Aberdare Ranges. The main rivers that drain into the Dam from this catchment are Thika, Githika and Kayuyu. Thika drains 50% Githika 30% and Kayuyu 20% of the catchment into the Dam respectively. The area receives ample rainfall of between 2000 – 2500 mm annually.



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