Pan African telecom company, SEACOM, successfully repaired the fault on the SEACOM Subsea Cable System in the Red Sea, restoring normal network operations on this cable system in the East Africa region. This repair was completed within the expected time as committed to stakeholders. 

During the course of the repair work, SEACOM provided restoration on other of its routes where requested. All of SEACOM’s managed network services, including IP services, were rerouted over SEACOM’s network on the west coast of Africa and via SEACOM’s network to Asia, and were not severely impacted during the outage in the Red Sea. 

“On behalf of SEACOM, we extend our gratitude to our customers and partners for cooperating with us during this period. We shall endeavor to continue offering quality services to the East Africa region, even as we have these unplanned outages on a single route,” said Byron Clatterbuck, SEACOM CEO. 


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